Thursday, April 30, 2009


today was almost perfect. woke up late, worked for a couple hours, worked on my creativity, walked around the city shooting pictures (with the help of the genius ben blood), rummaging through thrift store goods, eating a delicious veggie burger dinner, and ending it with some bowling. the one thing missing? wow, i'm not even sure. i need to make things happen so that this can be done on a more regular basis. here are some of my pics!

oh yeah, i bowled a 183 too....proof is in the picture.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


so i'm in so cal (again) and i get flack from both seattle and cali peeps. seattle saying "you're leaving again?!?!?" and cali saying "you're back again??!?"

what can i do, there have been a lot of events to bring me back to my hometown. including the wedding of my first friend. yes, my first friend outside of the "family friends". weird that i can say i've known this man for over 20 years. to be honest, it scares me. those are words my parent's use. yet, these 20+ years have been amazing. i actually refer to AR as my brother. we've fought physically and verbally, and gone through hell and back together. we aren't the best at keeping in touch, but i do know that he has my back if it really came down to it.

the wedding was beautiful. things went accordingly. untraditional but nonetheless amazing. it's so great to come together with family and friends to celebrate such a wonderful occasion. his family is like my family, and will always be.

also, thank you to a really kind DOC M, i got a new toy. ben, get ready for a plethora of questions.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

it begins (again)

this evening was much needed. again, i'm back in ca. i get a lot of "you're back again?" and i'm not quite sure how to take it. but that's another story.

so this evening i went out to irvine, ca to support two great things: 1) noah and abby gundersen and 2) to write love on her arms. my good friend kd picked me up and was gracious enough to drive us out there. we stopped at cpk and got some delicious eats before heading to the uci campus. when we got there, i called noah who was frantically looking for a 9 volt battery, so i rushed to see if i could find one. by the time i got back, he had 5 of them, but i'm glad the situation got sorted. as we sat there listening to the sound check, i couldn't help to think of how many times i've heard this dynamic duo play, and how my excitement to see them play again is still at an all time high! there was some technical difficulties as they were getting set up, but after a few adjustments, it was finally fixed. as they let people in, we sat and chatted, and it felt as if i hadn't seen them forever.

again, noah and abby delivered. rejuvenation to my being. then jamie tworkowski (the founder of "to write love on her arms") spoke about what his company is trying to accomplish, which is "movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide."

jamie spoke from the heart. it wasn't about promoting his company, but rather promoting the awareness that there are people suffereing out there that may just need an ear to listen to their cry. he even admitted that he was going through some tough times, but that being able to come and discuss these topics with people was a highlight of his day. he brought a friend up that had dealt with drug addiction, and i was moved by his story of downward spiral to upward rehibilitation.

after the program, i was able to speak with jaimie for a while expressing that what he was doing was so great, and that one day i would be able to do a similar thing. his humbleness and gratitude were amazing, and he also told me he still wears his le grand cru shirt that i gave him a year or so ago! i really do hope that one day, i'll be able to help those that need it, and take time to talk to people who just want to chat.

we invited him to eat with us, but he was tired and had an early morning to rest for, so he graciously bowed out for the evening. so, noah, abby, jenn, josh, kevin, marc, keith, and i went to the yardhouse to eat. as i sat down, i just marveled at the group we had together. a table full of talent. conversations immediately began, and i was trying to jump back and forth into all of them. there's nothing more fun than a group full of friends chatting over some delicious food! i'm so excited for the things to come, and hopefully these types of events will happen more often. i know i've said it before, that this year feels like it's going to be a good one, and tonight just reassured it. i feel that something big will happen, maybe not for me, but for someone in my group of friends, and i can't wait for the ride to follow!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


so the last 4.5 days (yes, the .5 is very important to me) i tried doing an all raw detox. i wanted it to last longer, but i love food too much so decided that it wasn't for me. it was actually a horrible experience and i respect anyone that can do it.

so the bigger question came: why do we subject ourselves to such torture when we could just make some small adjustments and still reach the same goals?

for example, i decided to put my body through 108 hours of eating raw foods, when i could have maybe just cut out some bad stuff and exercise more. i feel that as a society, we want the "easy" solution, but to me, it's a lot harder. anyways, i don't even know if this all makes sense, but i think i would just like to know where that psychology comes into play where i thought: raw diet would be a lot easier than going out to exercise more.