Thursday, April 30, 2009


today was almost perfect. woke up late, worked for a couple hours, worked on my creativity, walked around the city shooting pictures (with the help of the genius ben blood), rummaging through thrift store goods, eating a delicious veggie burger dinner, and ending it with some bowling. the one thing missing? wow, i'm not even sure. i need to make things happen so that this can be done on a more regular basis. here are some of my pics!

oh yeah, i bowled a 183 too....proof is in the picture.


Yasi said...

you are back in town?! Awesome :D

i really like that recycling bin pic

Melissa said...

sewing machines? was that at the thrift store you went to? if so, that has got to be the most organized thrift store I've ever seen.

DeAnna said...

sounds like it was a nice day!
i didn't know you had a blog. ha.
i think everyone may have a blog
now... or a twitter. ha. ;)