Tuesday, April 28, 2009


so i'm in so cal (again) and i get flack from both seattle and cali peeps. seattle saying "you're leaving again?!?!?" and cali saying "you're back again??!?"

what can i do, there have been a lot of events to bring me back to my hometown. including the wedding of my first friend. yes, my first friend outside of the "family friends". weird that i can say i've known this man for over 20 years. to be honest, it scares me. those are words my parent's use. yet, these 20+ years have been amazing. i actually refer to AR as my brother. we've fought physically and verbally, and gone through hell and back together. we aren't the best at keeping in touch, but i do know that he has my back if it really came down to it.

the wedding was beautiful. things went accordingly. untraditional but nonetheless amazing. it's so great to come together with family and friends to celebrate such a wonderful occasion. his family is like my family, and will always be.

also, thank you to a really kind DOC M, i got a new toy. ben, get ready for a plethora of questions.


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ben blood should start a class with at least the two of us in it :D